Saturday, January 20, 2007

Abstract From the Quran : revised

Note : If this is too long, just read the last paragraph.

Assalamualaikum and Happy new Islamic Year to All. Yes, it is again Awal Muharram, the start of the new Islamic Calender Year which is marked upon the HIjrah of the Muhajirin to the Madinah.

A brother gave a talk last night, and it was a very moving speech that got me to start thinking on a few things. One of the things he mentioned that Islam is the key solution to all the problems (through Al-Quran and Sunnah). He was saying that We have to give credit to the westerners on their achievements on technology. They (westerners) have went through a lot, from the separatism of the church from the state, which led to more thinking that led to the Industrial revolution. These experiences has made them achieve lots in terms of technology, maturity of law such as equality and such. However, it is said that they are still lack of the key thing, which is the soul searching of oneself, to feel complete. That is why there is a period called the romanticism, where there were emergences of thinkers who started thinking : what is the meaning of life?

That is where Islam comes in. Brother Asad related that Islam during the time of Rasulullah s.a.w there were two significant phase of Islam, which were Makkah and madinah. Makkah was a time to complete the 'inner self' which more toward strengtehing the iman and takwa. . Madinah, later on, was about the strengthening of the 'outer' Islam, which was about technology, law, economy, all within the guidance of Islam.

And this framework is still applicable to us now. We need to strengthen our inner self and then the outer part in whatever we do. It is a cycle that we need to go through to become a complete human being. Although the journey for each human being might be different.

The cycle can be seen having a long period, like 'makkah' during puberty and teenage years and 'madinah' during the later, more matured years. The cycle can also be seen in a very short period, as in thinking about doing something for the day, or an hour or maybe a longer duration of project for that matter. Example, organizing a project or student activity with your committee. You would have to assess the inner strength of the committees such as individual skills, priorities, what tickles and what stresses them, and how close the committees are with each other. Given all the inner variables strong, insya allah, the other project/activity tasks and issues can be handled without much hassle.

On a more general note, some might not believe that Islam is not the answer, but they can't really deny the relevance of the framework. Strengthening from within, and then from without.

However, this made me think. I am curious. How did the Sahabah and the Muslims during the rasulullah s.a.w era abstract all the knowledge of Technology, Law, Economics from the Quran and sunnah. And how does one answer the questions of Who is god? Who are the human being? What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?. if anybody knows, do share.

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