Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thoughts of meself

Since there's no time to elaborate, i just blab on a few geist of my thoughts

1) I will be conducting a theatre workshop on the 7th of Feb under MSSM. Can't wait for that to happen! Really miss the aroma stageworks group back home.

2) I am considering directing the play for Malaysian Nite. Really interested, just hope that my course load will still give me room and time for that.

3) I am 50% ready for thursday's paper - E-Business. 900 pages of textbook reading! (Now i know why they allocate a reading week in the middle of the semester)

4) Last night, I had naan, chapati with baby chicken, and keema. Damn nice.. yummy!!

5) An awal Muharam event will be held this friday. Tabung For Malaysian Flood victims will be passed around.

6) With all this load, I suddenly feel homesick.

7) Snooker!~.. jom snuker weyh!! Ayil.. rumet.. ceng.. datang sini cepatt!!!.. Aku nak main snukkk...Ahaha.

8) Ski trip! am going for ski trip 2-4 Feb to scotland. Let's hope there's snow. Damn you global warming!!

Ok peeps. Wish me luck!

Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck cLuck Luck Luck Luck (find the odd one)


p/s: all this is about me! me! ahahah...so think about me! ahahha.. well, except for number 5 of coz. Datang weyh.. jangan tak dtg!

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