Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Warning : This might not apply to you.

Ever had a feeling that you have discovered something very life changing, but not sure whether it applies the same to everybody? I think it is called self-realization.. or something.

Well, mine was about approach. And it was today. Last week, i was studying (mind you.. studying!) on the Distributed Systems Paper.. and everything went very smoothly. Everything was just clicking and i was able to memorize lots of stuff very quickly.

I tried doing the same with approaching this e-business paper, but somehow, it just felt hard to visualize all the concept. It is as if i has nothing in my past experience that i can 'latch' this new information onto. Well, it took me quite sometime to realize that hey, i've worked in TM for quite a few years and maybe i should skip the general theory and apply all the new information to TM straight away.

Earlier approach was : Text Book>extract general concept>latch to past theorethical knowledge (because for Information Systems, you can't visualize all of the equipments available in practical,you can just visualise generic terms such as routers, or client systems)

Now : Text Book > latch onto past practical knowledge
(Dealing with abstract concepts like efficiency, performance.. how can we visualise such things? well, the best is to latch it onto practical knowledge straight away)

After this new approach towards the E-business subject, it is easier for me to handle the new concepts.

Which brings me to my point, there will surely be different ways in approaching all sorts of things, even though it falls under a smiliar task : studying for exams.

I would love to bring this concept in a broader perspective. (i.e: Approaching women?,Airplane approaching landing lane?, approach reading?, approach marriage?, approach work?, approach stress? approach happiness? Approach educating children?) But that would be endless, and i don't have time for that now.

I know, i know, some of you might be going "Duhhh.. itu pon tak tahu ke?". That's why i included the warning above.

This might not apply to you.


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Irene Yaya said...

Tapai! Yaya ni..tapai kat Old Trafford ek...Dat day ur parents ada dtg my house kat KJ jumpa my in-laws. Ur mom is very nice. Nak kenalkan u with my friend..she's working in dekatla kan? Interested ke x?