Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I peed in Old Trafford Stadium Platinum Suite

I peed in the Old Trafford Stadium Platinum suite! Hoyeah!

Alhamdulillah, thanx to Zairi (and his mom), i got a chance to watch the Man U vs Reading game last Saturday. Zairi and iqbal came all the way from London (and before that from Malaysia) just to watch the game. At first we all thought that it was just a normal ticket, but apparently, the management of the stadium had other plans for delegates of its sponsor, the Tourism Malaysia. They gave us Platinum Suite tickets!

The only problem with that is that we only knew about it when we arrived at the stadium, which is such a catastrophe because we were surely under-dressed. Everybody else were wearing formal coats and blazers! and we just couldn't refuse the first class treatment where they asked for our coats for them to hang!(which resulted in us showing our class.. by wearing t-shirts and jeans!) With the treatment they gave, i even thought that they were going to dry clean the coats and give them back later! Ahah.. I wish!

Delegates of Malaysia in the Welcoming Lounge : Uncle Syed, Me!, Syed, Zairi & Iqbal

After a glass of fresh orange juice, we were ushered upstairs to the dining area. Being an adventurous individual i am, i ordered Foie-Gras, which turned out to be served with Duck internal organs! Haha! had to ask the chef to change it to the mushroom soup. :P. While waiting to be served, Lou Macari, a Man U legend, came over and had a photograph taken with us, with the Carling cup! (unfortunately, i haven't receive the pic yet.. they are going to send it over once they have it developed)

*Note : Lou Macari scored against Liverpool back in the 70s which won them the premiership

Fine Dining Lunch before kick off!

After the marvellous lunch, we were ushered to the seating area. Where we had a good view of the game. We sat opposite the player's bench. At first, I just couldn't believe that i was in the stadium, but the roaring of the crowd somehow shook me to reality. I was watching the game live!

Platinum Seats

The thing with watching the game live is that there is no replay of the goals. I dared not blink, just in case C. Ronaldo puts one header and score. It was totally a different experience. We were fortunate that it was a very interesting game where there were lots of action. The 3-2 result would testify to that. During half-time, we were ushered back to the dining place where we had another round of coffee and some sandwiches.

The view from the seats

It was a great experience. One that i would never forget. I will keep the souvenirs and frame them. One day, i will show to my grand kids and say "ni la.. atuk dulu pi manchester stadium". Make jokes all you want (e.g :me having grandchild). I know some people might be dying to crack that joke. But the fact is... i did watch the game live in the stadium. So.. in your face! Ahaha

Once in a lifetime experience!

Oh, did i mention? i peed in the Old Trafford Platinum suite!


anis said...

heee jealousnya aku....nk pi jugak!!!

robotix said...

never knew that one could be so excited about peeing..

ayil said...

cilake laaa weyyyyyy
camne ko bleyy tgk kat old trafford niiiiiii!!!
warghhhh kat msia tgk bola pon takkkk
iskkkkk warghhhhh
tension sialllll

ko balik msia mmg confirm aaa kene pukul wehhhhh!!!

rumet said...

hahahah... die hard fan MAN U pon jeles!

aisyahkins said...

u sure did make ayil turn green to envy!!!
demmmyuhh paiiii

ain said...

SGT JELES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

ragsy937 said...

ahaa. cepat la dtg sini.. saja bakar korang suruh cepat..aahaah.. cepatla weyh decide tarikh.. cuti dah apply bulum?