Friday, January 26, 2007

Why i studied the night before the final paper

It was only 9 p.m when i started yawning like crazy.I was really tired that night. Don't really know for what reason, to tell the truth, i did not study much that day, despite having an exam the next day. Tried to push myself out of this sleepinees, but at 10 p.m, i was already snoring.

Suddenly, i heard something moving in my room. I half opened my eyes and i saw a women figure in my room, standing at the edge of the bed. I could only see her back as she was facing the other way. She was wearing a 'kain batik', like those women u see in the old malay movies, washing clothes beside the river.

She turned. The most beautiful thing ever. Her skin is yellowish-brownish and she had long hair. I did not see clearly because i didn't want to open my eyes. But the closest i can describe her, is that she looked a lot like Vanida Imran.

I pretended to be sleeping. But suddenly, she moved towards me. And of all things, she started to wash me. She had this sponge like thing that she soaked in water, and she started to rub my hands and legs. I was really scared. And i started strengthening myself, that this was some kind of test and not to succumb to lust.

but i couldn't bare it anymore, because somehow i knew that she would eventually get to the 'uncomfortable areas'. I opened my eyes and said to her.

"Apa awak buat ni?"
"What are you doing?"

"Tengah mandikan awak. Awak kena bersih, sebelum jumpa puteri"
"I am cleaning u up, before you see the 'princess'"

We talked for a while. I can't remember exactly what we were talking about (or i choose to not remember.. hehe). But towards the end.. i said something like this.

"Cantik awak ni ye..."
"You are very beautiful.."

"Tunggu la nanti bile awak jumpe puteri"
"Wait till you meet the princess"

And that was when i wake up. I quickly looked at the watch and it was only 2 am in the morning. I dared not sleep again. So i studied.

That was why i studied the night before the final paper.


kiyaa said...

wow, arent you bold enough, to post something like that on a public blog. wahlauweh. =O

theayil said...

waa 1st time ko tak mimpi gay