Friday, January 12, 2007

Use your Head!

This is what part of my brain looks like at the moment. Lots of these tree-like stuff hanging in my head.

How did i get to know about this mind mapping thingee? well, it was way back in year 1994 when i first came upon this concept. So i guess lots of people would already know about this. To tell you the truth, i stopped believing in this crap after SPM.

However, Syed introduces me to this book by Tony Buzan, creator of the mind map concept, which stresses the importance of mental literacy. I bet most of us are already financial literate, or IT literate, but how many of us are mental literate.

Won't go in detail about the book. You guys would have to go read it yourself. But i do benefit a lot from the speed reading section of this book. For example, i am now able to cover in 15 minutes study material what i used to cover in 2 hours!!. Now that is efficiency.

Coupled with mind mapping technique, this has really changed my way of seeing things.

I also now know why i tend to easily loose interest, wander off, or need to reed the same line twice. Wel, the answer is quite simple, we need to know how many words can be translated into images in our brain in a certain time. If we read to fast, we tend to strain the eyes and the information has no chance in 'sinking in' the brain. If we read to slow, than we easily wander off and loose interest. There is also a techinuqe in reading. Normally we would go word by word, line by line. Well, there is actually a more efficient and stress free way to do that. But it is kinda hard to put in words, so you guys go ahead and read the book.

I also recommend if you read this book and apply to your kids (if any). They can be geniuses!

All the best! (to me as well, exam next week!)



Anonymous said...

what's the title of the book?

siku|at said...

nanti balik m'sia, bleh jadi motivator laa.. ajar pasal mind map. banyak duit wooo..

ragsy937 said...

Anonymous > title of the book = use your head

Sikulat > tuh la.. best best.. balik buat duit.. ahaha.. abes sume engineering tah ke mana.. :P