Friday, January 19, 2007

My First UK Paper : E-business

Yes! first paper completed. Have 1 more paper to go. To tell you the truth, i'd never answered this kind of application-based questions before. It was really tiring! First i read the exam questions, i went, " What?? what is this question really asking me?". It was like i had to decode the questions first, asking my self, "What is this Q about?", or "which part of the textbook does this Q come from?", or " Any other part or knowledge that i can bring into this Answer?".

Owh, i forgot to tell you about the format. It is a structured-essay kind of Q's, answer 3 out of 5. They gave us 3 hours, meaning 1 hr for each Q (duhhh!). But it tell you, it was a very action-packed duration of time. No rest at all, my right hand was practically screaming frantically,"stop writing you d*mba**!, I feel like killing myself !". And i could just imagine my left hand laughing away and pointing his fingers at the right hand, saying "padan muka!". Ahaha.

It took me 4 pages to answer the first question, 3 for the second, and 2 for the third question. Talk about bashing your hand huh? They didn't ask what A is.. or what B is. They were asking, how do you apply a which portion of A with the combination of B towards realizing C?. Or, How do you advise the realization of C? (without even giving a clue of A or B, just have to think of it urself)

Oh, don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining. Apart from my hands and brain cells screeaming, everything was just alright. Though I had a minor headache after the exams, it is just an indication of how long i haven't been exercising my brain. It was a very good mental challenge.

But mental challenge here is more of analysis/evaluation on evidence that you have gathered, rather than putting everything into your memory and let it gush out on the paper during exams.

Don't know what to say about my confidence level though. well.. 70%? 80%? can't really tell, because structured/essay q's are very subjective to evaluate.

Looking forward to the next mental challenge. Distributed Systems.. here i come!

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