Sunday, September 18, 2005

Bangsawan & The Start of a Journey

Part 1 : Bangsawan Theatre

Bangsawan theatre : Usually it involves me bitching endlessly during and after the show.
After countless contemplation, I went to a bangsawan theatre today.
Expected that it would suck and that's why i didn't even bother to ask the title fo the show.
Frankly, I just went because Mama and Megat is in it.
SUrprisingly i enjoyed every minute of it (Qahar would disagree, but whutdehel)
Koodos to En Effindi (the director) for conjuring a magnificent bangsawan. Just when u start to get of focused because of things starting to get serious, he sprinkles a wee bit of comic and laughter.
Koodos to Mama and Megat for giving a wonderful performance.
Koodos to other actors too. Koodos to that somebody who drew the backdrop. Marvellous.
I Have no pictures, cause i haven't bought my digicam ..:(.
But i would like to put another picture and dedicate it to myself:
(Compliments to my friendster friend : Fara.)
For all the guys wondering, her name is Bea Alonzo. She is a phillipine actress.
ON TO PART 2 : Start of a journey
Had a sort-of-heart-to-heart discussion with Wahidah while i was culik-ing her after the bangsawan show and one of the many thing is concerning a saying that i got from the movie "Juwana Mann" :
Being alone does not mean you have to be lonely.
But come to think of it, Being in crowd does not guarantee that u are lonely-free.
So what DOES make you feel 'un-lonely' ? (no such word, but just bare with me, i know Farul and Qz can't stand this) .
A wise man once told me that when you get close to god, u will never feel lonely.
Well, i guess, if you want to be close to god, you have to find him first.
and so, begin the journey of a thousand steps....


robotix said...

I think before anything else, better define urself whether u r lonely or not. Being with somebody dosen't neccesarily mean u r not lonely. If u r happy with ur life then to hell with others.. with that said.. LOSER!

+cheeps+ said...

Just join my next perverted trips ... you won't be lonely anymore after that... hahhahahah ..

and... in my trips.. we'll be watching live performances as well.. without Mama/ Rodek or megat in it...

rumet said...

Blah la tapai! Ajak gi umbai tanak!!

ragsy937 said...

To Arib... Damit..

TO Cipok.. betul jugak tu.. jom! aku ingat ko dah selamat blah dah

To rumet.. Tak de masa aku nak jadi kambing biri-biri kat PD tu.. Muahas

theayil said...

lonely means no awek, no awek means no wayang, no wayang means no kuar blanje makan, no blanje makan means more money, more money means positive cashflow, bile nak main CASHFLOW ni weyyyy???