Friday, September 16, 2005

This place, 8 hours a day

My nameplate :

I just noticed that 8 hrs a day, like it or not, u spend time in the office, and you have to meet your officemates. And if i get stuck in the same department (and my officemates get stuck too) then we'll spend 8 hours together until we retire. (let us pray to god that does not happenn!)
They are : Chot, Iqbal, Rafiz and Asyie. Erly and Amai are also in the same department. But since they are stationed in CYberjaya, i don't really see them much.
Aaaanyway.. this is my boss's nameplate :
The place i spend my time 8 hours at has an environment that fluctuates. Sumtimes it is so serene and you can see people reading newspapers, and chatting along happily. There are also times when it is worst than wall street. You actually here people shouting things like "kau gila!" and "kau la lembu!".
and you don't even hear that in wall street
but you don't here that much anymore since the warning from our boss (hurrah!, but hope it lasts)
However, things has start to pick up its pace lately, that when u punch in at 830, you never stop working until 6.. or 7 p.m. you read emails of people expecting you to do things for them, receive calls from people who complaints, write reports so that the boss can answer to his boss, and again, calls from ppl who wants you to explain, but once you explain, they totally ignore what you said and 'buat kepala sendiri', and the list goes on..(blood pressure naik once i start thinking bout it)
But it is also a place where you meet ppl, where you meet new challenges and you show your worth. That's what keeps me going. AFter sum time, when you've made improvements, you start to appreciate this hell-hole and the ppl in it, coz this hell-hole is actually yours, and these people are your friends.
Centre of My hell-hole :
La di da.. life goes on.


Along Hidayah said...

waaaaaa :(( :(( :(( takmo keje plsss

Izamira said...

hahaha, can't wait to graduate & get a job and a life!!!

yatipruzz said...

hehe tapai, u described ur workplace as hell-hole..mine i'd prefer to call it dungeon!! A place where u'll never have chance to see things happen outside (tade tingkap)...and it's where customer couldnt stop calling and yelling :(

Anonymous said...

yeah. work. fascinates us. we could look at it for hours.