Thursday, September 29, 2005

What does this mean?(short stupid story)

Talapya Had a great 1 hour gayut-session with Ms Cranky. It was interesting.

Disclaimer :
1) The script has been slightly altered from the real conversation, but the geist is still there.
2) All the characters are fictional.

Just remember, Tuan = Two One = Twenty One, so my birthday is 21st June 80
Ms Cranky
You serious? 21st June 1980, Same birth date as my boyfriend..
(Excited) Wow! That's kewl...
Ms Cranky
My birthday is 12th June .. Me a gemini.. We Geminis can easily blend
(SIlent for 4 Seconds). .. That's exactly the birthday of the the girl whom i fancy at the moment

A thought struck Talapya during that 4 seconds. What does this weird conversation mean? is it a sign, or just coincidence?

Flash back.. 3 hours before : Menara Telekom.

Talapya was sitting alone waiting for Moms at the Food Court (tepi longkang). The Aci from the stall asked for his order,
"Mau minum apa?".
"Milo Ais", he replied.
"Makan?", the normal Mamak getting-the-order script.
"Nanti dulu, tunggu kawan"

The Aci came back several minutes later and brought him his glass of Milo Ice. He stirred while looking around at a bunch of TM staff, chatting loudly about sumthing that is supposedly be interesting. He was not listening at the conversation, but the way they are laughing, he assumes that it is sumthing interesting.

Assumes. Ass-u-me. Assumed that a checkered shirt girl was genuinely interested in him 3-4 years back, which made him wait for her for 3 years.

"Masuk angin, keluar asap", he tells himself.
He met the checkered shirt girl a few days back during lunch time. He told himself to be strong when he saw her, but inside, he felt like his heart was torn apart all over again, with the words "Kawan aje" playing and infinite loop inside his head.
Stomach Grumbled.

"Aci, kasik la Maggi Goreng satu",Talapya decided, to-hell with Moms
While waiting for the maggi goreng, he decided to send an sms to Ms Cranky (Nickname is given due to crankiness of the person, which was a result of her, not being able to answer her exam questions)
and the flow goes:

Maggi goreng arrive.Sms Ms Cranky
Finished the whole plate.Sms Ms Cranky
Sms Moms, " Gua chow dulu, dah habes makan dah". Sms Ms Cranky
Moms replied, " sorry la, banyak kerja, tak sempat." Sms Ms Cranky
Walk back to the car. Sms Ms Cranky
Stuck in the traffic jam. Sms Ms Cranky
Arrived at SWY exchange. Sms Ms Cranky
Reboot Laptop. Sms Ms Cranky

COmplete the standby list for month of October. Call Ms Cranky.

Ms Cranky taught Talapya a few things:
1) What is intelligence? How do you define an intelligent person?
2) (lesson is secret : sumthing about *tootttt)
3) Buying a flower as a present to a girl is sensitive and romantic, not gay and softee.
4) Talapya is a good person and achieved a lot of things that he should be proud of.

After a 1 hour of not-so-intelligent conversation, they arrived at the conversation above.

What does that means? is it a sign or is it just coincidence? Should he proceed?

God i pray and beg for him to get the hidayah, and if it is good for him, please give him the strength to proceed, and make his heart "tetap"


I know this story sucks. Sorry if i bored u people to death.

p/s: Ms Cranky, wish you all the happiness in the world and may your wish come true


Izamira said...

who is talapya? is that you?

Anonymous said...

talapya = tapai..(bukan nama sebenar) hehe

tm nut said...

gay duh rummet aku nih:))

rumet said...

buying flowers for girls that are not your girlfriends is gay!!!

ayil said...

mr talagaypai
mr gaylapya
mr tagaypya
mr talagay
ms cranky whutduhell??

robotix said...

it's ok tapai, walaupon ko gay kite tetap kawan aje.

bigg said...

it's about time to stop memorizing other people's shirts patterns, and start doing the 'marry me or go straight to hell' thingy.

unless you're really gay.. haha

kiyaa said...

hahaha your friends call u gay. havent heard this in a while now. XD nice entry, interestingly done DXDXD

Farul said...

seems like you bored yourself to death that you didn't update your blog so long. kambing.

mama said...

aku ader dalam citer nih???