Friday, September 23, 2005

Relationships 101

I know, i know, i am not the person who has the experience and the credibility to talk about this subject. But somehow tonite, after god knows how many hours of slaving myself for TM (now = 4 a.m., just got back), i feel like writing about this subject.
Ok i'm blank... me don't know nuts about relationships. I give up. SO lemme think of another topic.
Haa! i know, lemme talk about politics..
Ok i forgot. I don't give a damn about politics all i know is that i was suddenly elected as Ketua Pemuda UMNO at my residential area.
What next? what do i know.. hem hemm..
1) I do know that out of the blue i am back in touch with Anis, my Primary School friend
2) I do know i like this cartoon (compliments to Hamam)
3) I do know i Like like to sleep.. and it already 4:43 a.m.... and i am getting sleepy.
Thus proving that blogging has turned me into a self absorbed person.
SOrry guys.. this is one of those days that i write something meaningless and a waste of your time. Promise I'll update again asap.... promise!!!!
p/s: A kewl website : <-- a webbie that makes u think.. (duhhhhh!!)


robotix said...

fail to get idea aa nak kutuk post nih.. dem aa.. lenkali aa kutuk..

adzanis said... sweet..still remember me..duh!! not!!!