Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hold You Down - J. Lo Feat Fat Joe

I was stuck in a jam when i heard this song the first time. It has a catchy tune, and the lyrics are simple. That was like 2 months ago and i have been trying to find the title ever since.

At last! found the title while watchin astro in Kelantan. (yes, they do have astro in Kelantan.. huh) . Saw the vid clip and thought it was kinda kewl.

But took me a while to find the mp3. Haihh.. missed the MMU days where u can practically get any vid clips/mp3 anytime.

Some captured scenes from the vid clip. ENjoy.

Yo.. Wasap, Fat Joe indahouse!!

Yummy, imma gon' hold you down!!

Watcha lookin' at bro?

Princess Leia?? what thee.? Yummyyyy!!

Hey, Jauh jauh skett bebb


Lyrics? get it at

Enjoyyy... .. are you enjoyssss (gaya Ella)

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