Monday, September 12, 2005

You know

You Know...

When it comes to Mamak, who you gonna call? (you know),
Ayil, Tapai, Ceng, Farul and Rumet, that should complete all.

You know there is always room for forgiveness,
Who to turn to when you fell the loneliness.

You know there will always be someone to pick u up at KLIA/Pudu,
Maybe it's Ceng, 10 hours after u turn blue.

Of course, You know u'll never feel blue,
Because Ayil will always be there for you,

You know who to call when u feel like talking,
Or when Along really really feels like really eating.

You know who makes the best apple crumble,
When Esah serves it, evryone's ready to rumble!

You know who makes the best lemon meringue pie,
QZ make way! ready for Tapaiii!!

You know who has the most expensive camera,
Mestila Rumet.. Siapa lagi la??

You know they are concerned with your well-being,
When it comes to craziness, Farul's a ring-a-ding-ding.

You know who makes the best teh tarik?
It's Jue that is, Gimme a break!

New addition to the group, they make us shout with glee,
Must be Allya and Marissa, Duh..who else could it be!

Most importantly,

You know who your eternal friends are.
Those mentioned above that's who they are.

Jiwang kan? Muntahhh... Jom snuker weyh!!

(Disclaimer: member lain jangan jealous. Tujuan entry ini adalah untuk bodek Esah,Jue,Qz,ngan Along untuk membenarkan satu game snooker.. wuuhuh)


m|ss v|xen said...

aaawwww... that is soo shweettttt.. u r pretty sangap kan.. first with the bloggie and now with a poem that doesnt rhyme. okelah pai, u can have ayil for a nite.. but not tonite la.. tonite got Ed and desperate housewives.. or u could come over to the house.. we dinner together aye!

+cheeps+ said...

jiwang tuh tak la... but still leh muntah..

noreen said...

abg tapai!!! nice bloggie and welcome to the bloggie world!!! heheheh:D Wanna let u know that u have been linked!! by me!! heheh lucky you :P don't forget to visit my blog okay? and my pu3 cawangan's blog

Ouuhh and dun 4get to link me!! :P
Daa~~~ c ya!!