Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scent of a Woman, and Perdana

Hurray! Managed to get Scent of a Woman DVD! whoo-ah! (gaya Al Pacino). Bought it at Amcorp Mall, third floor. It's the mot reliable shop for DVD's. Trust them to have movies which people never speak off. (yes, including 'yang baikk punyaaa')

On the way to the car, i was stopped by a few chinese men. Thought they wanted to POW me, or sumthing, but instead, asked me to open up a coupon. Surprise! i am the lucky few who got a chance to win a Perdana V6. Yes, a chance. But in order to enter the contest, i have to buy RM 2997 worth of their products. Damn, i was happy for only about 2 minute.

Decided to play along and went to their office, hoping to get more info on this competition. Ayil told me it's a scam, but, whutdehel.. selamba. Bagi puas hati. But then, after seeing their office (in Kelana Jaya) and the agreement form (which was photostated), i couldn't care less about entering the competition. Furthermore, my mom stopped me by saying that we don't need no more foot massagers or sewing kit. At this point, since entering this competition can be labled as an act of 'menderhaka'ing, so i stood my ground and said no.

This was a test of my loyalty to my mom. If i have had entered the competition, it would be a lose-lose situation:

a) If I win, Yes, i'll get the Perdana, But it would be Derhaka.

b) If I didn't get the Perdana? No need futher elaboration on that!

Back to Scent of a Woman, SUperb la AL Pacino. But to those who like action, stay away from this movie! it is all talk! I like the part where AL Pacino courts a girl and tangoed with her.

How i wish i could tango.

Oii.. anybody.. can teach me ar?

p/s: Tango, when you get tangled up, just move on, like life.


fadh said...

hahhaha!! at LAST umi finally is getting a bit more cynical of those scams! . aiyoo, abang... dun tell me u still percaya all those crap *rolls eyes* hehehe, lekkk~lekk~

wai waii~ nak tgk gak scent of a womann... i SO love al pacino!! please dun lose the dvd b4 i get back? pweaaaseeee~

rumet said...

laaa... ko cari citer scent of woman ke tapai? now they showing it in astro lah! and you can watch all kind of non-action movies @ astro... bazir duit je ko beli dvd rm25 tu.. baik ko subscribe astro laa oi!!

p/s: tango???? u gay!!!!

m|ss v|xen said...

u r plain naive laa pai.. mak aku dah bape kali kene.. siap dtg umah n slalu dtg time2 maghrib.. kalau silap jek sure leh kene pukau.. maid aku pun dah kene.. kabur mata ngan kete kancil.. skali dpt kerusi malas.. ilang 3k dier.. sian laa
its all over in the paper pun.. bende2 camnih jgn layan daa.

i agree with rumet.. u better get urself an astro.. ur life will be more meaningful hauahuahuah

theayil said...

ko ni bodo la pai