Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Curse on You (Part 2)

Curse on You people!


Found out that the slow IE window is due to the Google and Yahoo Ie Toolbars. Nuthing to do with the virus that was cleaned.

Uninstalled the toolbars and voila!

But still,

Curse on you people! Curse on you people who upload worms and virus and trojans on the net!

You guys made me write an entry tonite when i vowed to my self not to blog for one day, just to show that i have self control and am not addicted to blogging

(in your face Emi!, I nearly succeeded)

But wait.. i did is past 00:00 a.m, wed, 13 Sept 2005... means i past the one day/24 hour mark!! (started counting from 00:00 a.m., tuesday, 12 Sept 2005) .

In your face Emi! i am not addicted. But thanx for the warning anyways..:)..


But still,

Curse on you people!


Izamira said...

hey, you've just started blogging... how come u know yer not addicted yet... we'll wait & see *grinning*

robotix said...

Don't mean promote anything but try Firefox. Less security issues than IE. Haven't use Ad-Aware for a long time thank to it.

Cikgu R said...

don't blame me for introducing you to those sites.. :D

Farul said...

Yup, follow mrrobotix suggestion here and abandon entirely the crapware IE. Tapi kan tapai, jangan la browse benda-benda berfaedah tu lest you get the infections...