Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Good Luck

Wellosss peeps. I wanna wish Good Luck to all the MMU students ( and uni lain) who's gonna take examz starting tomorrow (especially nini kuunnn.. meyorrwhh meeyorhhh). Study smart and study hard, but please remember to keep urselves in good health. Make sure u guys get enuff sleep.
And before the examz, make sure go back home, or at least make a phone call to get blessings from your parents. Remember: Usaha--> tawakkal--> Doa.
DOnt' la tension tension. But if u r stressed.. u alwayz have....

ahah.. animes that entertains you. Haha. Guess which one is which.. we have here Golden Boy, Saber Marionette, Love Hina, and Tenchi Muyo. I know, i know there are lots of new animes like bleach and others that are better. But these were the animes that entertained me during times of darkness in MMU. Yes, Darkness.. is when u sleep all day and wake up only at nite,..muahaha (kids, don't do this at home)
Note : I know Farul's favourite is Golden Boy.. coz he's such a jamban. :P
However, warning, make sure u hvae sufficient self control before starting to view the first episode. Because before you know it, u'll be having a 23 episode marathon, and you wouldn't want that during the exam week don't you? :P
Before signing off.. good luck once again! and remember to go back home after the examz!

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nini said...

nyah~ yeshyesh i'm not stressing deshunya~ X3 everything goin good, goin good~~