Sunday, September 11, 2005

My First Blog Entry

This is my first blog entry. Used to think blogging is stupid. Why the heck would you want everybody to read your whole-life journal for?

Here are the reasons y i start blogging:

1) Well, when ur 25 and u start forgetting ur past, (things you do and people u've met), that's a humongous problem. However, this still does not justify blogging, u can always write the old fashioned way : the diary, which leads to reason 2>

2) I lost my diary! damit. Being absent minded, i always loose my stuff. So koodos blogspot for their time and effort to keep everybody's life journal! (who runs blogspot, does anyone know?) Makes my life easier. Just hope i don't forget my username and password!

3) My 2 cute sisters started blogging before me and reading their blogs are cool. Though Nini's blog is a wee bit depressing, but i still enjoy reading them. (Elin's blog is full of chicks, check it out guys!) Both of them have far more superior control over the English language than me and that sucks! (so excuse my grammar and feel free to correct me if i'm wrong) In my defense, Working in TM and having a background in a Malay Boarding school does not help my english much. But at least i'll have this blog to practice English, written English, at least. (have to join toastmasters club or sumthing for spoken English)

4) Just for the fun of it. Found out that you just have to have the right amount of exposure in your entries. Surely you can't just declare ur love in a blog and hope that girl will read your blog and put the reply in her blog (or, can you?) . So to keep this balance between over-exposure and under-exposure is a challenge to me. And this is fun!

Conclusion : Though some things are meant to be put in diaries (where it's private), but still publishing ur thots is a kewl thing so that deaf people can at least read to what you have to say.

Definition :
Deaf People : people who are self obsessed that they only listen to what they have to say, not others.



Izamira said...

heyaa Faisal,

hihihi noticed you've open up a blog.
so what up these days?

ragsy937 said...

yeap, nuthing much, still working for TM. What bout u? hey, when r u coming back to m'sia?

Along Hidayah said...

huhu!! apa?? tapai sudah di blogspot???

Izamira said...

i'm stuck here till get me self a degree... huhuhu...

carefull with this bloggy thingy... its very addictive :)

ragsy937 said...

hehe, Yes Along, sudah berjaya diblogspotkan oleh kedua adek yang comel.

Yes, i'll keep in mind to not get addicted (tho i think i'm already am). And good luck for your degree.

Anonymous said...

nyah. my blog is not depressing anymore la.. =X anyways ur english oso ok what, got sum style nyuu~
post la more pictures of your stylo self now XD