Friday, September 23, 2005

Happy Birthdayyyy!!

Yo wasappp peeps!!
As promised, i'm backkk!!! not gonna leave u peeps with the last entry for long, coz it was bo-oh-ring. Somebody actually said that my writing showed that i was in the 'serabut' state. Which was quite true. But nuthing but a good nite's sleep to boost your energy level up and put away all the negative energy in ur body.

I wanna wish happy birthday to 2 of my fwens who share their birthday today. Happy birthday to Salah and Zaki Bluespect!!

(Compliments to Zaki & Salah's Friendster page)

Aaanyways, i suddenly noticed that the last few weeks ended so fast. It's already the weekends! With all the hardwork, day and night, the feeling of time just disappeared. Have u ever went to a movie where time seems to be running slow? Lots! That's when u know that the movie sucks! Have u ever went to a movie that suddenly, it's already the end? ALso lots! That's when you know that the movie was a good one. But does this mean that when you don't feel the time doing your work, it means u enjoy ur work?

Definitely N...O.... No. It's just that you are to burdened up with work that you don't have time to justify to urselves whether u enjoy ur job, or not. U just do it, without feeling. LIke a zombie.

Well i'm not gonna be a zombie. That's why i told myself.. hey!, stop for a while to look back and reflect. The answer? Yes, i do enjoy my work. Tho sumtimes things are sh*tty, i still enjoy it.

How? , sum might say? How can u still enjoy ur work? Well, the secret is, i decided not to ignore external thingies that are not within my control, and tell myself that if i wanna be happy.. then i will be happy.

Tho at times u 'kena bambu' by customers... :))
Tho at times u feel unappreciated .... :)
Tho at times u feel used.... :I
Tho at times u feel overshadowed by other peoples skliz .. :(
Tho at times u feel u have no control of anything.. :((
:)) --> :) --> :I --> :( --> :((

Damn.. i'm turning into Nini. Maybe i'm just tired.

But on a happier tone & Note,

Happy Birthday Salah And Zaki

--- eeeendddddddddddd ---

p/s: Bila nak belanja weh


nini said...

`huiii aper ini.. me hyper what.. me enthusiastic wat..u're turning into kakak that's what u are >_<;;; nyuuu...

fadh said...

waaaa... wat is thiss... helloo... who's more depressing? at least my main page is PINK-KU desu. ngahaha.